The Top Games To Download On PC

Dead Space

A treasure to fans of the horror genre and science fiction alike, Dead Space was created by Glen Schofield (now general manager and co-founder of Sledgehammer games) in an attempt to be ‘the most terrifying game’ that Visceral games could develop and EA could publish. It’s essentially an interactive haunted house, disguised as survival horror, that’s completely diegetic throughout its roughly 12-hour campaign.

That means that, in Dead Space, you won’t hear anything that the main character, Isaac Clarke, doesn’t hear. Likewise, you will hear everything that he does. By and large, the gameplay revolves around the suit worn by Isaac, referred to as the ‘Resource Integration Gear’ (RIG). It can store weapons, ammo and recovery items in addition to being useful for combat and puzzle-solving as a result of its ‘Kinesis’ and ‘Stasis’ ability modules.

Wrapped up in 23rd century politics, your goal in Dead Space is to save a team of ‘planet crackers,’ a career field designated to those who work for the world government known as EarthGov to destroy planets for their resources. For a limited time only, the original Dead Space is free on Origin at the time of this writing – and it’s a classic – so grab it while you can.

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